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What is simply known as Building #6, located in the Pier 70 area at the Port of San Francisco, was once used for ship building during WWII. Abandoned Places s Abandoned Baton Rouge: Stories from the Ruins was set to come out yesterday, November 19th. The first shipment is a bit delayed, so I haven't held my first-born book yet, but I have some appearances lined up in Baton Rouge and Brooklyn and will be selling them there. Southern California California History Los Angeles California Things To Do Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Desert Places Underground Cities Downtown Los Angeles Discover Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California: During prohibition, corrupt city officials ran drinking dens under the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. DeMille to Dee Dee Ramone, it’s also said to be one of the most popular haunted places in Los Angeles. A list of the abandoned places in Northern Louisiana Listed below are some of the forgotten and abandoned places in the area. Explore Lala N Al Aevg's board "Abandoned Los Angeles" on Pinterest. If you're feeling brave, consider embarking on a haunted tour of Downtown L. With that said, Flickr user Flavio Grana has managed to coax a supersized amount of depth out of the anonymous abandoned McDonald’s location above. Just over 100 years ago, trains began arriving at the Michigan Central Station in Detroit, which was, at the time, the tallest train station in the entire world. Vincent's Guest House New Orleans, Louisiana This guest house is actually a former orphanage built in the 1860s, so it is not surprising that the children who passed away from yellow fever during this time have been witnessed as playful spirits. A. This house near Mission Soledad The abandoned zoo picnic and barbeque grounds may fit your need. The building and its surrounding 8. Our 2013 Best of L. Abandoned West Adams hospital will be transformed into art gallery. The Abandoned Town of Surfridge Next to LAX Airport. Supposedly it's haunted, but I don't really believe in stuff like that. County Poor Farm—a refuge for the elderly, homeless, mentally ill, and disabled—opened in 1888 These are parts of a cooling tower in an old power station in Monceau, Belgium. As the lair for the villains in the James Bond movie Skyfall, Hashima Island takes it’s place atop the list of scary abandoned places. Los Angeles, California  Mar 13, 2019 We dare you to explore this list of 13 terrifying Los Angeles locations. Like it or not, these scary places will always be a part of our history. Almost 10 years later, Charity remains desolate and abandoned in the middle of the city. The structures and animal  Oct 9, 2018 Los Angeles is famous for a few things–expensive brunch, deep-V shirts, people I cannot stress enough that this is a creepy abandoned zoo. There's something simultaneously eerie and beautiful about abandoned places . The Most Haunting Abandoned Spaces in New Orleans. msn news. EHP Rating: 91. The abundance of abandoned asylums and psychiatric hospitals in the New England area create the bulk of the locations here; these beautiful state funded structures are vast and complex, giving insight to both the humanity and mistreatment towards the mentally ill over the past two centuries. Best Abandoned Buildings in Los Angeles, CA 1 . The now abandoned Hawthorne Mall, once a booming mecca of retail in the South Bay, has been closed since 1999, with no current plans to re-open Los Angeles Opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo, the abandoned site of the Griffith Park Zoo still features the ruins of animal enclosures, which double as both a picnic area (uh, that doesn't sound creepy at all) and the sometimes-home of the Great Horror Campout. 5 acres are now in the hands of the Indian Gap Cemetery Association. ) Vehicles without an engine, wheels, or some other part necessary for safely driving the vehicle are subject to immediate impounding. Almost every building is abandoned. Jerry Brown has done a terrific job in destroying California but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that his father did the same crappy job when he was Governor. Año Nuevo Island. Abandoned buildings and structures in Pennsylvania Country. 2. Urban Ruins on Curbed LA. Today the Old Los Angeles Zoo is left as an abandoned shell, rotting in decay. (Parking in alleys is illegal at all times. This post is brought to us by ESL-Languages. The Fannette Island tea Built in 1854, this Arabi, LA landmark has been abandoned since it was part of the Jai Alai Casino Complex in the 1940's. L. Kolmanskop, Namibia Founded in 1899, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the permanent home of hundreds of Hollywood’s legendary players, from Cecil B. The Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark. If you don't, still go to use the picnic tables for lunch, but skip the exploration part. This building stopped being the Kisatchie, LA high school in 1962 and has stood abandoned ever since. ABANDONED AMERICA'S GREATEST HITS The best of all the galleries on Abandoned America, conveniently located in one place. 4. Oct 23, 2017 Los Angeles has no shortage of eerie locales, from abandoned hospitals to suicide locations to the mysterious occult history of our most  Apr 13, 2013 The Subway terminal building in downtown Los Angeles was built in 1925 as a terminus for the Hollywood Subway branch of the Red Car. If you are a thrill seeker, budget 45-60 minutes to explore all the old, empty cages. If you like king size derelict buildings, this is the place to explore! If you love abandoned places, run to The Old Zoo. Where are they now. Urban landscapes, haunted buildings, disused military buildings and more are all featured. Dec 4, 2015 Will you be adding it to your Los Angeles itinerary? Have you visited any other cool abandoned places? We'd love to hear from you! Share your  Jun 19, 2018 From amusements parks and castles to industrial power plants and hotels here are some of the most jaw-dropping abandoned places around  May 22, 2014 Three hours out of Los Angeles off Highway 111 lies an abandoned town called Bombay Beach, along the shores of a man-made lake now  It shouldn't come as much of surprise that Los Angeles, with its glitzy, sordid past, has seen some sh*t. A building is never just that. Corner of Tchoupitoulas and Henry Clay Ave. The most southern desert park in California is Anza Borrego. Love hiking in the area. Lindy Boggs Center in Mid-City is another very popular abandoned place for urban explorers. Staten Island’s Tugboat Graveyard has long intrigued—even frightened—local residents, including NYC-based photographer Chris Barreto, who grew up just a few miles away. North Bloomfield Ghost Town. Bernard Parish, LA rt outside New Orleans . 23. So young creatives have made a hobby out of photographing derelict and discarded buildings and uploading the images to sites like Abandoned-places. An abandoned West Adams hospital is getting a new lease on life as an art space. Abandoned nazi campground. 8. Urbex in Italy > Abandoned places in Piemonte > the former pulmonology hospital ‘La Bertagnetta’ in Vercelli. The trumpet-like structure in the middle of this abandoned place introduced hot water to the structure, where it then cooled while dripping down hundreds of small concrete troughs and slats. Now, though, the station sits abandoned, not having received any trains in decades. Abandoned Fort Macomb I explored the Abandoned Fort Macomb that hasn’t been used in over 140+ years and has never been opened to the general public. The Griffith Park Zoo was a city-owned zoo in Los Angeles, California that opened in 1912 with a grand total of 15 animals and closed in 1966. EXHIBITS & EVENTS Your go-to website for all hidden, haunted, abandoned & amazing places in California. Abandoned places in Southern California - Griffith Park Zoo - Geek Field Guides wrote:. The residents of this 1950s era ranch home seem to have been forcibly evicted, as evidenced by the toys, clothing, drawings and other personal effects still scattered outside. Pico House. Image credits: Kevin McElheran. We have selected for you the most amazing abandoned places in Europe. . Artypixall has uploaded 5195 photos to Flickr. Building #6 in the Port of San Francisco. For the next two months, it will be filled with art and open to the public for an exhibit titled "Human Condition. Some are fictional and some are very, very real. The remains of the old abandoned LA Zoo that was simply left in its place when the Zoo changed locations and picnic bench's were built around it Over 9 million people have used this site to plan their California travel, find your adventure here. Discover the Lake Reschen in Italy, the Buyukada orphelinat in Istanbul, the tunnel of love in Ukraine or the abandoned amusement park in Berlin. Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer before savagely beating their 18-year-old daughter. They’re dark, depressing, even indicative of a new beginning; they have cinematic appeal and purpose. Murphy Ranch Trail. City Hall Station, New York City, New York It is ones of those places that has become incredibly popular and is actually supposed to close soon for rehabilitation/cleaning. What are some good urban exploring places in Los Angeles or the surrounding area that are abandoned, creepy or worth going to? ( self. One of the eeriest and long-standing reminders of Katrina is the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans East. North of Peru, Illinois, on a patch of land surrounded by farm fields, sit the rusting remains of an asphalt plant. The Abandoned Hawthorne Mall. Built in 1913, it’s actually been vacant longer than it was occupied. The city of Pripyat used to be the home of nearly 50,000 people however now lies abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which happened in 1986. And oh boy, is the abandoned mental hospital scary. Anniston - Jacksonville - Fort McClellan - A very old fort that is now closed, but people are still aloud to go out on it. World's Eeriest Abandoned Places. bloody basin cabin; abandoned 1920s ranch; ellas frontier trading post; meteor crater observatory; standard oil trading post By Lamaletita Feliz 12/07/2018 16/07/2018 abandoned places, abandoned school, urban explorations, urbex, urbex lady 0 The Globe School Hi there, in this urban exploration me and the Pink Fluffy Unicorn will take you to The Globe School, a religious school abandoned for a long time. The hospital closed in 1991, and stood abandoned for years. After the floodwaters receded, what was left of the amusement park was a wasteland, though it has become a popular attraction for brave urban explorers. the structure was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in  Oct 23, 2014 Looking to get your spooky on for Halloween? These 7 L. The stairs are brutal but fun. Image credits: en. Abandoned Castles Abandoned Mansions Old Abandoned Houses Abandoned Places Old Mansions Abandoned Plantations Old Buildings Abandoned Buildings Haunted Places Le Beau Sugar Plantation in Arabi, St. The Old Zoo. com, along with Flickr’s One of the eeriest and long-standing reminders of Hurricane Katrina is an abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans East. Sections of this page. Sometimes they wander through them to find the right spot to create a piece. Evocative of our own limits, these abandoned structures provide us an opportunity to consider our place--however temporary--in the world. Jan 28, 2019- Explore Artypixall's photos on Flickr. Most of the enclosures were built in the caves-with-iron-bars style which was then standard for zoos. powered by Microsoft News. Abandoned Vehicles. It was eventually abandoned by its former residents after the government requisitioned most of the land in the area to build the Pickering airport. Chemung Mine. XNXX. Pages on Ellerbe Road School, Forbing Railroad Tracks, The Pea Farm, Taylortown Bell Tower, and many others Abandoned Places. Abandoned Church in the Snow, Canada. Jump to. of creepy true tales of people and places being haunted by g-g-g-ghoooosts!!! . area hikes might get you a close encounter of the supernatural kind Old Zoo Picnic Area: info and directions to explore the abandoned animal Old Zoo Picnic Area Griffith Park Los Angeles California LA abandoned zoo . We feature amazing urban pictures capturing the atmosphere of all these strange and derelict locations. There's a lion's den, bird cages, monkey cages, etc. issue came out in early October, but over the years we've found that some of the best places in Los Angeles aren't new or trendy at all -- some are decades old, abandoned 9 Unconventional Abandoned Places to Rent for Film in Los Angeles by Mayank Sehgal 10 hours ago 4 min read Generally isolated, some explosion-friendly, and always great on camera, these abandoned places to shoot in LA are perfect for a budget production. Any vehicle that has been parked on a city street or highway for 72 hours or more can be reported as an abandoned vehicle. Street Artists have a natural affinity for abandoned places. Madrid - The entire town and surrounding hills - Madrid was a coal mining town in the 1800's through 1940's until it became an abandoned ghost town. 9. the 7 most insane abandoned places in california huffpost life You can find abandoned places anywhere in California and to this date LA is still part of California. The weeping woman heard near the lake is said to be the spirit of young Virginia Rappe, whose death will always be linked to the infamous Fatty Arbuckle scandal from the silent era. This 150 acre neighborhood cost the city of Los Angeles $485 million dollars to acquire as part of former mayor James Hahn ’s vision to create an off-site check-in zone for the airport. 3 . Europe has many hidden treasures. County Poor Farm The L. Check out 11 most haunted places in LA that will spook every LA girl While abandoned, the building was used for filming until it was given new life in 2012. The place was downright infamous for its multitude of strong and malevolent spirits who loved to toy with hapless visitors and determined ghost hunters alike. Founded in 1917, I’m told the hotel was once THE destination for California’s upper class, including Hollywood’s elite looking to escape LA for a night or two. Stripped of all brand identity yet instantly recognizable, the moonlit McD’s stands alone in silent glory, a washed-out monument to conspicuous consumer culture. The Bayshore Roundhouse. 5. The Brewery Artist Lofts. Scott Reyes photographed the corridors of the once magnificent L. It all began in 1921 when Palisades del Rey neighborhood, what later came to be called Playa del Rey, was development by Dickinson & Gillespie Co. COM 'abandoned' Search, free sex videos. One of the stranger tourist places to visit in LA KudaGo Los Angeles Like abandoned places near los angeles Abandoned places for sale cheap 1 Bedroom , 2 Bedroom , 3 Bedroom , 4 Bedroom , 5 Bedroom , Apartement for rent , Apartement for sale , House for rent , House for sale June 19, 2019 154 views Haunted Louisiana has abandoned and haunted places in Shreveport, Bossier City, and all surrounding areas. City Hall Station, New York City, New York Arcadia - Site where Bonnie and Clyde were killed - On a full moon, you can here the sounds of gun shots. Abandoned buildings and structures in Pennsylvania | ShotHotspot, the photography locations search engine. It was built back in the 1800s for military use. It has been left abandoned since the 1989 earthquake, which also left some 3,000–12,000 San Franciscans homeless. Below is a list of 13 terrifying locations. photographer JJ MacCrimmon came across this abandoned home in the  A Walking Tour Into Los Angeles' Abandoned Speakeasy Tunnels On the " Underground LA" tour, which takes two and a half hours, urban explorers have permission . in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo, the abandoned site of the Griffith Park  Apr 28, 2018 r/LosAngeles: The official subreddit of Los Angeles, California! The international epicenter and home of the Dodgers, Lakers, Kings, Clippers, Rams … Haunted Los Angeles: The 13 Scariest Places to Visit if You Want to See a Real Ghost. 3. LosAngeles ) submitted 5 years ago * by Ihavequestions85 Inside the city of Los Angeles, right next to the LAX airport, lies the ghost town of Surfridge. Though abandoned buildings and towns can often turn decrepit, the following spots (albeit somewhat weathered over time Michigan Central Station — Detroit, Michigan, United States. You never know what you might come across or the amazing memory you’ll have while exploring abandoned places. Found in what is now the National Forest, this historic site is nearby the also abandoned Old Kisatchie cemetery. Griffith Park Zoo. Please follow us. From the outside, the place looks more promising than it actually is: a full-blown haunted mansion, In New Mexico. 7 miles from La Crosse, WI. The fort is gated and covered by trees and bushes and unless you knew where to look, you would miss it from the highway. From waterfalls to caves, luxury to underground and more! Reviews on Abandoned Buildings in Los Angeles, CA, United States - The Old Zoo, Murphy Ranch Trail, Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles, Devil's Gate Dam, Pico House, LA-88 Oat Mountain-Chatsworth Nike Missile Site, Southwest Marine Ship Repr, Los… Abandoned buildings are scattered along the shore. Pages on Ellerbe Road School, Forbing Railroad Tracks, The Pea Farm, Taylortown Bell Tower, and many others Antelope Valley Ranch Home. It all began in 1921 when Palisades del Rey neighborhood, what later came to be called Playa del Rey, was development by Dickinson & Gillespie Co. He then committed suicide by gulping down a glass of acid. The Cement Ship. That’s going to happen when your city is nearly 300 years old; not everything is going to be pristine forever. Please note, the locations listed are not a comprehensive listing; they are the result of the travels of only one photographer. Located above the Merry-go-round in Griffith Park you Here’s your handy guide to the 13 most haunted places in L. Image credits: Chris Gray. empty swimming pool pics. The ghost is said to be a former employee named Kenny who makes himself known by hiding things in the kitchen and turning on the TV. Brief History. photographer JJ MacCrimmon came across this abandoned home in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County. Salton Sea. 22 The Hills Have Eyes Rusted Ruins: An Abandoned Asphalt Plant in LaSalle Illinois. I got a chance to check it out a few weeks ago and even […] Filed Under: Abandoned , Caves , Southern California Tagged With: Los Angeles County , Malibu Creepy ghost towns, abandoned theme parks, prisons, and more unusual ruins and forgotten places across the United States and the creepy histories behind them. 2 MB The Los Feliz Murder Mansion in Los Angeles has been abandoned for more than 50 years. Absolutely one of the scariest haunted places in Los Angeles, the Linda Vista Hospital has a long and storied history. St. jpg 2,816 × 2,112; 1. The old Spanish Mission located in Cypress Gardens, South Carolina, was one of Mel Gibson’s favorite sets while filming The Patriot but once the movie was completed it was quickly abandoned. Media in category "Abandoned buildings in Louisiana" The following 87 files are in this category, out of 87 total. 7. LA's strange and wonderful lost amusement parks Abandoned West Adams hospital will be transformed into art gallery. lensart. 2K likes. A collection of abandoned buildings etc. Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California. Once America’s most beautiful army base, this abandoned military fort on the coast of Monterey Bay has been left to the elements. Other times they wonder who used to live here. Structures of steel and iron eerily stand unfinished after they were abandoned midway in construction, covered in weeds, moss and rust, the show explores what they could have been. Desert Sculptures Of Anza Borrego. Here are 22 creepy photos that illustrate what the park looks like almost 13 years after the storm. This menu's updates are based on your activity. 10. After the massive flood and storm damage from a certain hurricane (a name we shall not utter here) 10 years ago, however, there seems to be more creepy and haunting spaces in NOLA Strange Abandoned Places features the worlds most mysterious locations, strange places and abandoned buildings. It can be a place we call home, a repository for memories, an intimate space where we share even more intimate ideas; it’s one of the ways we as people lay physical claim to Archless In America. Jul 27, 2008 20 (More) Astonishing Abandoned Buildings, Property & Places L. Abandoned places in Los Angeles Show on map. Most Haunted Places in Louisiana. After the massive flood and storm damage from a certain hurricane (a name we shall not utter here) 10 years ago, however, there seems to be more creepy and haunting spaces in NOLA images of these abandoned places will give you chills photos abc news. com and Weburbanist. Abandoned Louisiana. Due to radiation, the city will be left untouched for thousands of years until it is safe to return. on Olivera street and then walked around the building. This 1879 inn has a haunted restaurant. Jeri Danyleyko, a ghost town explorer, From London to Tokyo to LA, abandoned sites left to rot in some of the world's wealthiest cities. North West Arizona . deserted places the abandoned la subway. 6914 Added by WeiFinder We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To Louisiana’s Most Abandoned Places. Los Angeles, the City of Angels and devils, demons and ghosts. Who used to work here. Sunken villages, derelict amusement parks, and vacant mental hospitals are just a few abandoned places with creepy appeal. It is believed that the tortured souls of animals still remain locked within the zoo’s confine’s. Find abandoned places near me, thousands of urbex spots, houses and buildings We've mapped out thousands of the best abandoned places or derelict buildings in the world. All the houses in the area were custom built and many among them were beach houses of Hollywood actors and producers. Abandoned building on property of old Adolescent Psych Hospital across from current New Orleans Children’s Hospital. Report abandoned vehicle. via Tom Explores Los Angeles / YouTube. The caretaker met us at the enormous iron gates surrounding the property and escorted us in. Generally isolated, some explosion-friendly, and always great on camera, these abandoned places to shoot in LA are perfect for a budget production. Find amazing places to take photos, anywhere in the world. On December 6, 1959, Dr. Big River Inn Genoa, Wisconsin 15. Oct 16, 2018 The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California . Behind a rusty gate in the ‘Cappuccini’ neighbourhood of Vercelli, there is the former pulmonology hospital ‘La Bertagnetta’. Discover 49 abandoned places in California. www. Canfranc railway station : located in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, this abandoned railway station was the largest station in Europe. From schools, hotels, airports, and houses, once they are left behind, it means they're open for exploration. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. architecture landmark — abandoned, trashed and left to burn . The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California 1. Altona // Pickering, Ontario. Mount Holly (Greenville, Miss. About 20 miles south of Greenville is Mount Holly, a gorgeous Italianate mansion not even 200 yards from the edge of Lake Washington. Haunted Louisiana has abandoned and haunted places in Shreveport, Bossier City, and all surrounding areas. The ruins of an abandoned 19th- century powerhouse are slowly being consumed by . The sun rose on the 8th day of the Epic Rust Belt Road Trip. 6. Table of . Comprehensive list of the most haunted places in East Los Angeles, CA, each with Abandoned decades ago, the Hollydale Mental Hospital was originally a  Jul 30, 2019 Generally isolated, some explosion-friendly, and always great on camera, these abandoned places to shoot in LA are perfect for a budget  Mar 4, 2019 5 abandoned mansions that were once owned by Hollywood stars According to Curbed Los Angeles, the mansion was built in 1925 and remodeled by architect John SEE ALSO: Abandoned places you can visit in the US. Kolmanskop, Namib Desert. See these incredible abandoned places in every US state. Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment at The Indian Gap School, located about an hour southwest of Stephenville, has been abandoned since 1959, when the school closed down. Los Lunas - Luna - Otero Mansion - about 20 miles south of Albuquerque, the ghost of Josefita Otero has appeared in numerous rooms here. Rockhaven Sanitarium. 2 . in Europe. LeBeau Plantation, Arabi, Louisiana - Abandoned Places. Arizona . 1437 General Ogden New Orleans Apt Bldg. The abandoned LA subway The Pacific Electric 'Red Car' and the Los Angeles Railway 'Yellow Car' lines were LA's original railway and the ancestor of today's Metro Rail , operating from the end of the 19th century till the 1960's. Abandoned Delta: Mississippi’s Forgotten Treasures. Enjoy these 50 breathtaking photos of abandoned places from around the world! Don’t forget to bring your Narrative Clip on your next urban exploration adventure. 10 Places for Native American Vacation Experiences with Your Family. 6266, -121. Inside the city of Los Angeles, right next to the LAX airport, lies the ghost town of Surfridge. This abandoned boat was found in Buras, LA. And if you fell through you'd easily break a leg, because like a lot of houses in south Louisiana, it's raised several feet off the ground. Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Italy. What do you film scouts do about abandoned places like this? May 24, 2019 The L. ABANDONED AMERICA ABROAD Ruins across the world NEW ADDITIONS Some of the newest work on the website and/or places which have not been added to a completed gallery yet. com, where junior, gap year, adult or professional learners can arrange language studies abroad in amazing (not abandoned) places. images of these abandoned places will give you chills photos image. Altona is a ghost town right by the Uxbridge-Pickering town line, named after a small county in Hamburg, Germany. Near the town of Borrego Spring, there are dozens of art installments place throughout the desert. See more ideas about Abandoned Places, Ruin and Ruins. Feb 26, 2016 8 Abandoned Places In Southern California That Nature Is Reclaiming Former LA Zoo located in Griffith Park. The project has been put indefinitely on hold. 7. ) Alongside the Mississippi River runs Highway 1, one of the older highways in the state. ru. , including a Hollywood theater, a notorious Downtown hotel and a Long Beach oceanliner where ghosts of the past still rattle a few chains. Accessibility Help. They also make for incredible backdrops in action sequences and gritty scenes. Abandoned dome houses, Southwest Florida The Los Feliz Murder Mansion in Los Angeles has been abandoned for more than 50 years. black canyon dog track; congress gas station; echeverria airfield; christmas tree inn; flagstaff farm house; jack ass acres; parks abandoned house; red butte airfield; North East Arizona . closed in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo, the abandoned site of the Griffith  Reviews on Abandoned Buildings in Los Angeles, CA - The Old Zoo, Murphy Ranch Trail, Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles, Devil's Gate Dam, Pico House, LA-88 Oat I am still interested in finding abandoned places to explore . ". Oct 19, 2015 There are a LOT of abandoned homes in this part of the Mojave, most just . You may never learn the truth, but you can rely upon your observation Read it Abandoned Places s California is home to some of the most spectacular abandoned buildings in the world, and here are our favorites. take a tour of the abandoned subway tunnels beneath los angeles. The 38 Most Haunted Abandoned Places on Earth. A city this large is bound to have its skeletons, and our job is to throw open the closet doors and acknowledge them. 36. around Louisiana. Check out some of these amazing photos from urban explorer Devin Derbes to see what remains. Abandoned Places Nearby Find abandoned places near your current location, or search for a place to target. 4 . Once a popular vacation spot turned into a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. I NEED  Aug 27, 2015 The 7 Most Insane Abandoned Places in California . abandoned places in la

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